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The Need of Drying Cow Dung

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1. Air Pollution. With the rapid development of cattle raising, fecal pollution has become a major problem. According to the relevant data, in some places, the pollution of cow dung to the environment has exceeded the total amount of industrial pollution, some even more than 2 times. A cow produces more than 7 tons of feces a year. Because the treatment of cattle manure is not enough in many areas, there are basically no cattle manure disposal facilities in some farms below the scale.
2. Hygiene Problem. Avian flu is also a serious problem for farms. The main problem is livestock manure treatment, such as cattle farm, if not able to deal with animal feces in time, not only will cause serious impact on the environment, but also produce germs in animals. In winter, the weather is slightly better, especially in summer, if the fruit is not well treated to make the animal produce germs. In other words, their own economic losses are not too small.
3. Waste of Resources. Cow dung is also the source of the multiplication and reproduction of various bacterial pathogens, which has a serious impact on the breeding population. In addition, using raw cow dung to make fertilizer on the ground, it produces heat, consumption of soil oxygen, cause burning root burning seedlings, and also the parasite eggs, pathogenic microorganisms play the role of transmission.
With the development of agriculture, agricultural and sideline products have been paid more and more attention. The pollution of livestock and livestock excrement to the environment is becoming more and more serious. The use of cow dung drying technology can not only change waste into treasure, but also reduce environmental pollution and prevent the spread of disease. It has good economic and social benefits. Dongding specializes in scientific research and research. The most research of cow dung drier (cow dung drying equipment, cow dung drying production line) equipment, suitable for various types of cattle farms, but also according to the customer's different requirements for drying.
The use of cow dung after drying
After the cow dung dryer (cow dung drying equipment, cow dung drying production line), the main uses of cow dung are as follows:
1, plant the culture medium of edible mushrooms;
2, feed the earthworms by fermenting cow dung into nutritious feed;
3, sell feed for turtles, fish, snail, chicken, duck and so on;
4, used The production of cow dung organic fertilizer can fluffy the soil, improve the land consolidation, chelate the trace elements in the land, improve the soil fertility, and so on;
5, the dried cow dung can be used as a clean energy combustion power generation. 

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