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Forage Dryer Details
Daily Capacity(t/d) 300-4500kg/h
Final Moisture(%) 18±2%
Drying Temperature(°C) >380℃
Total Installed Power (Kw) 34-155KW
Forage Dryer Overview

Product introduction
The Forage dryer production line is suitable for large-scale pasture production enterprises to carry out fast and continuous drying operations on fresh forage during the concentrated harvest season of pasture. The Dongding machinery developed the Forage dryer production line adopts the latest international high-temperature rapid drying technology, which enables the forage grass to quickly complete the heat and mass transfer drying process in the dryer, and better maintain the nutrient content of the fresh pasture, after drying Herbs are fragrant, dark green in colour and suitable for storage and transportation. The pasture dryer can use coal (heavy oil, gas) to generate strong dry hot air through the high temperature furnace, so that the material is directly in contact with the hot air in the drying cylinder, spirally forward to achieve the purpose of drying, the system uses Temperature control speed control system, raw materials cut into one-stop production of finished products into the warehouse.

Dongding machinery forage dryer structure
1, Feeding system: Including raw material warehouse and screw feeding machine to ensure uniform continuous feeding.
2, Combustion heating system: The diesel burner is used, and the flue gas and circulating gas generated are used as the drying medium. Therefore, the oxygen concentration in the drying dryer is very low, not only does it not cause oxidation degradation of the alfalfa grass, and it can dry and dry it. The danger of burning or explosion inside the dryer is minimized.
3,Drum drying system: The drying machine is a single-barrel or three-cylinder dryer (a three-cylinder dryer is composed of a total of three layers of rollers. The material flow is: an inner cylinder, an outer cylinder, and an outer cylinder. The specially shaped deflector, the material runs along the spiral flow channel under the rotating centrifugal force of the drum and the induced wind, so that the material is fully exchanged in the cylinder, the heat capacity coefficient is large, and the drying is uniform.)
4,Discharging part: Adopting screw feeder, it is stable and efficient.
5,Air induction system: Due to adopting the co-current drying method, despite the high intake air temperature, the material temperature is always kept at the wet bulb temperature due to the continuous evaporation of moisture, so no overheating occurs.
6, Dedusting system: High-efficiency cyclone dust collector is adopted to recover the fine particles in the dried product, and at the same time achieve the discharge of exhaust gas up to the standard.
7,Control system: The whole system adopts centralized control and panel display. Each single machine is equipped with automatic alarm device.

Working principle
The wet grass that has been crushed and cut is pushed into the scraper conveyor, and the iron that is mixed during the transport will be sucked out by the permanent magnet. Before the discharge port of the scraper conveyor, the material feeder pushes the material layer evenly, the equal thickness material flows into the screw conveyor of the material feeder, and then the material is discharged from the hot air outlet of the hot blast furnace to the dryer driven by the hot air flow. After drying, the material is sucked into the A discharge system, mixed stones and other impurities are deposited on the deposition device (regularly discharged), the dry material is separated at the collector (A), which is discharged through the forced-air discharge device. The baler is packaged, and the hot air (above 100° C.) discharged from the collector is returned to the hot blast stove for reheating as a heat carrier for re-drying. The cold air discharged from the cooling system exhausts the air.

Product advantages
1, adaptability, can be used for alfalfa grass, ryegrass, corn grass, bean grass and other forage materials.
2,A series of mechanical chain coal-fired hot air stoves widely used in the drying industry are used as the heat source of the drying system, with a high degree of automation, high thermal efficiency and easy operation.
3, the overall system sealing performance, and with a perfect dust removal device, no dust spills.
4, the entire pasture drying equipment system uses electric centralized control, high degree of automation, easy operation.
5, can be connected to crushing, mixing, granulation, packaging, briquetting and other follow-up sections to improve the level of deep processing of pasture.
6, Drying finished products: The color is green and blue, the fragrance is fragrant, the color, nutrition and fresh taste of the fresh grass are preserved, and the taste is good. This not only enhances the appetite of the livestock, but also improves the economic benefits.
Product parameter
Device Specification DDJG1208 DDJG1408 DDJG1610 DDJG2010/3 DDJG2210/3 DDJG2510/3 DDJG2512/3 DDJG2912/3
Daily Processing Capacity(t/d) 33.6 40.8 58.9 131.4 145.0 167.7 204.0 247.0
Daily Output(t/d) 15.6 19.2 27.7 61.8 68.2 78.9 96.0 116.2
Water Evaporation Capacity (t/h) 0.75 0.90 1.30 2.90 3.20 3.70 4.50 5.45
Raw Material Water Content(%) 60±5%
Dried Material Water Content((%) 12-15%(adjustable)
Total Installed Power (kw) 350-550℃
Total Weight(kg) 32 40 55 95 100 125 145 165
Plant Area(m2) 15000 17000 21500 26500 28500 370000 41000 45500
Device Specification 5m*14m 5m*14m 6m*16m 8m*16m 8m*16m 10m*16m 10m*18m 10m*20m


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