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  • Fruit leftovers rotary dryer
Fruit leftovers rotary dryer Details
Daily Capacity(t/d) 20-400T
Final Moisture(%) <12%
Drying Temperature(°C) 250-350℃
Total Installed Power (Kw) 28-155KW
Fruit leftovers rotary dryer Overview
Product Introduction 

Fruit leftovers dryer uses high-temperature and rapid drying process, Dongding has uccessfully solved the technical problems such as high initial moisture content, sticky physical properties of the raw material  by adopting of a series of unique techniques, reaching an efficient drying.
The system is suitable for drying fruit pump discharged from fruit processing such as apple, pineapple and orange processing.
Product Composition & Working Priciple
Fruit leftovers dryer consists of the heat source, feeding machine, rotary drum, discharging machine, induced draft fan, discharge devices, and distribution cabinet.
Firstly, The wet material is put into the dryer after dehydration, then fruit residues is transported to the rotary drum dryer by the belt conveyor, where it fully contact of the hot air, because of the inclination of drum dryer, material with hot air moves to the end of dryer body. After drying, most of the dry material will be discharged through the belt conveyor, the left material will go into the cyclone dust collector, where the dust will be collected, with the function of induced draft fan, the left material will discharged through the conveyor.
Product Features
■ Big moisture reduction, residues with an initial moisture content of 82% can be dried down to less than 13%.
■ High capacity, daily drying capacity of residues is between 80t~500t
■ Stable operation under high temperature conditions.
■ Automatic control, easy operation.
■ Pellet fruit residue feedstuff can be produced through grinding, mixing, pelleting and packing following the drying process. 

Product Parameter
Model DDSG1210 DDSG1412 DDSG1615 DDSG1918 DDSG2218 DDSG2523 DDSG2925
Capacity(t/d) 20-45 25-65 40-90 50-125 70-220 90-320 110-400
Initial Moisture(%) 75-80% 75-80% 75-80% 75-80% 75-85% 75-85% 75-85%
Final Moisture(%) <12% <12% <12% <12% <12% <12% <12%
Drying Temperature (℃) 250-300℃ 250-300℃ 250-300℃ 250-300℃ 300-350℃ 300-350℃ 300-350℃
Total Power(KW) 28-33 34-40 45-60 51-75 60-90 95-125 110-155
Floor Area(m2) 5x15 5x18 6x22 7x25 8x30 10x35 10x40

Product Pics


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