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Grinding Coal Spray Machine Grinding coal spray, machine, coal mist,spray, pulverized
  • Grinding Coal Spray Machine
Grinding Coal Spray Machine Details
Daily Capacity(t/d) 7.2-96 T/D
Final Moisture(%) -
Drying Temperature(°C) -
Total Installed Power (Kw) 15-110 KW
Grinding Coal Spray Machine Overview
Product Introduction;

Grinding coal spray machine is also called Coal mist machine, coal spray machine, coal pulverized  machine, is the company's independent R & D and manufacturing of new coal equipment. Grinding coal powder spray machine is of high-speed rotation so that complete of supply, crushing and wind transport characteristics in one. The pulverized coal is broken into the powder particles of the 0.03-0.06mm, and fed into the furnace with a pressure of 100-290 mm water column by the fan blade to form a full suspension combustion, achieve the best use.

Uses of grinding coal powder spraying machine (Coal mist Machine):
Mainly used in casting parts tempering, annealing, quenching, rolling, forging, metallurgy, drying, steam, roasting, lead smelting, zinc oxide, rotary kiln, tubular furnace, desulfurization gypsum powder, drying organic fertilizer, dehydrated vegetables, hot blast furnace, boiler coal injection combustion, asphalt mixing station and other industries, can replace fuel, gas, natural gas use. Thus, saving 20-40% economic cost, reducing the labor intensity of personnel and improving the production efficiency.
Seven Advantages:
1. Three level high-speed rotating synchronous grinding technology: coarse grinding-fine grinding-fine grinding, grinding pulverized coal fineness can reach more than 120 mesh;
2. Producing powder optimization technology, increase the efficiency of powder output;
3. Unique high-speed operation stability performance, low noise, good dynamic balance of equipment operation;
4. Wide application, can grind a variety of raw coal;
5. Good reliability, long continuous and stable running time;
5. Low power consumption, large output powder range, pulverizing capacity of 200 kg-4000 kg;
7. Low investment, lightweight equipment, compact structure, small footprint, wearing parts replacement investment is small.

Technical Parameter:

Model Capacity(Kg/h) Power(KW) Air Flow(m3/h) Wind Pressure(Pa) Outlet Diameter(mm)
Y6MF300 300 15 -- 1300~1600 1300~2000 φ170
Y6MF600 600 22 30 2100~2800 φ180
Y6MF900T 900 30 37 2800~3650 φ220
Y6MF1500B 1500 37 45 2800~3650 φ220
Y6MF2000B 2000 55 -- 3300~4800 φ250
Y6MF4000B 4000 110 -- 4000~5000 φ30

Detailed Pics:


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