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Microwave drying machine for food food dryer,microwave dryer,snack microwave dryer,
  • Microwave drying machine for food
Microwave drying machine for food Details
Daily Capacity(t/d)
Final Moisture(%)
Drying Temperature(°C)
Total Installed Power (Kw) 15-80KW
Microwave drying machine for food Overview

Agricultural, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, powders, non-ferrous metals, ect.

C Suitable material: Foods such as soybean products, flowers, edible fungus, grains, dried fruit, snack foods, additives and extruded products, ect.

Powder material, such as tungsten, silicon carbide, diamond, ect.

Medical, such as pharmaceutical intermediates, herbal, pills, powders, ect.;

Chemicals, such as rubber chemicals, inorganic salts, catalyst ect.

Technology and specification

Preparation process can be done seamlessly, and realize automatic feeding, spreading, receiving.

Dehumidification mode is the vertical type on the top or hot air counterflow.

Spreading thickness and transmission speed, microwave power and temperature can be automatically adjusted to realize intelligent production.


1, Made of 304 stainless meet food standard.

2,Continuous and automatically working, no need watching.

3,Big capacity,suitable for large drying requirement.


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