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Rotary Drum Granulator rotary drum granulator, drum granulator, rotary granulator, compound fertilizer granulator
  • Rotary Drum Granulator
Rotary Drum Granulator Details
Daily Capacity(t/d)
Final Moisture(%)
Drying Temperature(°C)
Total Installed Power (Kw)
Rotary Drum Granulator Overview
Rotary Drum Granulator Working Principle

The drive belt and pulley of the main motor , through the reducer, transmit to the drive shaft. And the opposite gear and large gear ring of the drive shaft work together to realize the whole working process. Material is added from the feed end and pass through the the cylinder.With the special structure inside the cylinder, it is made into particles and flows out through the outlet.As the continuous entry of materials and the continuous rotation of the granulator, realizing large scale production.

Compound Fertilizer Granulator Application:

Rotary Granulator Product Advantages

Low investment, high efficiency, good economic returns.
Energy saving and consumption reduction, no three wastes discharge, stable operation.
Wide application. This system is suitable for compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed and other raw materials.
Downstream drying. The temperature can keep the compound fertilizer nutrition activity.
Multiple heat source choice. Heating supply can be selected according to different fuel type(coal, oil, gas, biomass pellet etc. ). 

Rotary Granulator Technical Parameter

Model Diameter
DD1240 1.2 4 2.5 17 5 2.7 5.5
DD1450 1.4 5 14 7 8.5 7.5
DD1660 1.6 6 11.5 9 12 11
DD1870 1.8 7 11.5 12 18 15
DD2080 2.0 8 11 16 22 18.5
DD2280 2.2 8 10.5 20 28 22


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